The Twisted Realm is a Paranormal Series that follows the investigations of the Twisted Paranormal Society 

as they seek to find evidence of the afterlife within that realm of the unknown

Season 2 promo's and teasers

Check out this all new Season 2 promo video!!!  Season 2 begins in August 2019 on our home streaming network VIDI Space.  Stay tuned in for release dates.

Season 2, Episode 1 teaser

Be sure to watch the Twisted Crew as they journey to Richmond, Va for their first ever investigation on a secure military installation.  The team was called in to investigate 

claims of paranormal activity that have been occurring at the post's oldest standing 

building, the Historic Bellwood Club, and many other locations around the installation.

Season 1 promo's and teasers

Season 1 Promo for The Twisted Realm Series that debuted on our home Network, VIDI Space Inc, October 2018.  

Season 1 of The Twisted realm is now streaming live!!!

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The Twisted Realm is a series that follows the members of the Twisted Paranormal Society as they investigate many of Virginia and beyond's most historic/haunted locations for claims of paranormal activity.  

The Twisted Realm was first featured on believe it or not, PBS, back in April of 2017.  We have 8 mini episodes that can also be viewed on the PBS App and the WVPT 

youtube page.

Season 2 of The Realm streaming Aug 2019

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