"Serving all of Virginia and Beyond"

     Team "Twisted Paranormal" was formed in July 2011 by a group of individuals that wanted to help others seek out answers to questions of the unknown. We are based out of Fishersville, Va and will serve those in need throughout Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and beyond if the need arises. Our services are totally free because we are doing this to gain better
knowledge in the field of the paranormal. 
     T.P.S. will conduct all investigations in a professional and courteous manner. We are here to serve you with the utmost respect for
your property or any location you may need to have investigated.  We will use our special equipment to help us determine if you are experiencing paranormal activity, or if the causes could be of a human nature. If we cannot determine the nature of the activity, we
will recommend you to someone that can.  Any evidence found will be kept personal unless we are given permission by the client
to share it with others. We will also
provide you a copy of any evidence that may have been found.

     T.P.S. is made up of people who are just interested highly in the field of the paranormal.  We all work normal jobs and do this in
our spare time. We will conduct investigations mainly on Friday and Saturday nights and they could last from 4 to 8 hours
depending on how active things are. We request that if it is a residence, that someone be available at all times incase a need arises. 

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