Sharla Smith Hardin


Sharla "Charlie" Hardin is originally from San Diego, CA & currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She is the Co-founder of Girls Vs Ghosts, Owner of Trade Wulf Productions.  She specializes in Financial Institution Security, Video Surveillance, and electronic, microwave & thermal detection technology. 

Sharla takes her tech ability along with her love of history into the realm of paranormal investigation. Sharla is a direct ascendant of Chief Grey Eagle (the last known Cherokee Chief of the Tallulah band of Cherokees) and grew up on a horse farm in Georgia along the McIntosh Trail (a heavily traveled trading route for the Creek & Cherokee tribes) where she learned very early on that animals have a heightened sense of awareness and can help alert us to the presence of things we cannot see.  Sharla would often set off alone on her horse for the afternoon investigating abandoned homes & burial sites near her family farm. 

In addition to leading local investigations & researching her upcoming Documentary Series, Ghosts of War Series, she enjoys taking to the road to investigate with teams all over the country. She enjoys meeting & interviewing diverse individuals across the Paranormal, Cryptozoology, Independent Film Making, Gadget Creating & UFO research communities for Girls Vs Ghosts.   

Sharla is also a certified Reiki master, & certified Executive Business Coach.   

Job Duties

Executive Director for The Twisted Realm Paranormal Series