Dennis Estlock


I'm Dennis Estlock, a medium and remote viewer with nearly twenty years as a paranormal investigator. My first memorable interaction with spirit was at age 7, when my Grandfather passed and came to me to say goodbye. I had no knowledge he had passed just a couple hours earlier, as they lived over 100 miles away. A second family member, my older brother, also came to me to say goodbye after he committed suicide when I was 16, he was 20.

I conducted my first EVP session, not even knowing it was called that, at age 10-12. Had heard you could listen to/hear spirits if you placed a recorder in a cemetery. So, being a curious kid, myself & two cousins did just that. We did capture someone whistling a tune, later to find it a popular tune from the 1940's. (long before my time)

I'm currently the Tech Director for a VidiSpace series called The Twisted Realm, which chronicles the paranormal investigations of a team from Fishersville, Va. named The Twisted Paranormal Society. Both the team, and show, have FB pages.  The show is also available on Amazon Prime.  

Additionally, I'm a care-taker for an actively haunted location just outside Mechanicsville, Va that sits on 7 acres of battlefield from The Battles of Bethesda Church. The Cabin on 360, as it's known, is open to teams to book investigations, and we host numerous events/investigations for fund-raising causes. 

Job Duties

Tech Director for The Twisted Realm

Paranormal Series