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SOUTH PITTSBURG, TN   11/08-11/10 2013


Back in the year of 1778, a Cherokee tribe identified as the “Chiaha” used the land where the haunted hospital now stands for living and engaging in day to day activities that enhanced their survival. Examples of these activities included growing extravagant orchards, hunting for various types of animals native to the region and fishing. During the Civil War era, the tribe permitted the soldiers from the North to use a section of land that is now under the Old South Pittsburg Hospital to store various supplies such as artillery and encampments. They found safety against the foothills behind the Hospital. Unfortunately, the Confederate soldiers eventually invaded the region during the Civil War and launched assaults on the Union Soldiers. As a result, many Union members, individuals of the tribe and even Indians in the Cherokee Tribe died and the Confederate Soldiers emerged victorious. Many believe that these deaths contribute to the land’s reputation as being one of the most haunted places in Tennessee.

By the end of the hot summer of 1863, the Union Soldiers successfully reclaimed the land until the end of the Civil War. Despite this, many individuals residing in the community experienced numerous hardships because of the fact that many soldiers took the livestock that they raised, the foods that they stored, items that could be used for first aid purposes and other types of necessities. It was then that the residents realized that they could experience a high level of fortune by selling the various types of minerals native to the region as well as the limestone heavily present in the geography of the area. Not too long after experiencing success in this endeavor, the St. Louis – Nashville railway came to the region and offered more opportunities for the region. The town was finally founded in 1873, and the name was changed to South Pittsburg.

In 1920′s there was a large plantation that existed on the property. Unfortunately, there was a large fire and the entire plantation burned to the ground. Sadly, 7 children lost their lives in this fire. In its earliest days, the City of South Pittsburg was referred to as “Pittsburg Landing”. During the Civil War a ferry landing located approximately one eighth of a mile from the hospital’s grounds transported soldiers from the North and the South to the region so that they could make their way to the popular battlefield known as the “Chickamauga”. It is also where the battle of Shiloh occurred. It has been said that this was the bloodiest battles in the Civil War up until that date.

In order to truly appreciate the paranormal activity associated with this haunted hospital, it is first important to learn a little information
pertaining to the history of the land where the facility currently stands. Two of the most distinctive geological characteristics about the property is that there is a natural based spring that runs underneath the hospital and runs into a still existent well from a former plantation. It also flows directly into the Northwest region of the Tennessee River. It is because of this natural spring that many individuals throughout history were attracted to the area. The second is that the hospital today sits on solid Limestone that the natural spring runs underneath. It is believed that the well that has running water acts like a natural battery in combination with the Limestone to these spirits, and gives them energy to manifest and interact with investigators.

South Pittsburg Hospital opened its doors in 1959, and quietly closed in 1998 making way to a larger facility in Jasper, TN. The hospital has 3 floors and many wings. Many say it had a very dark history and disturbing history.











Thanks a bunch for watching our videos.  In video #4 you will want to listen for the loud footsteps and then you will hear me react after seeing a white figure move quickly down the hallway behind the team as we were doing B Shots for the upcoming video of this full investigation. 
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 OSPH 2nd Floor
"That's a Maybe or That's a Baby"

 OSPH 2nd Fl
Anyone in this one that needs help?   "Me"

 OSPH Pharmacy
Breath or Growl Sound

 OSPH 2nd Floor
"You're Not Gonna Tell Me"

 OSPH 3rd Fl
"They Are Soldiers"

 OSPH 3rd Fl
"Help Me"

 OSPH Pharmacy
"Get Out Of Here"

 OSPH 2nd Fl
Awesome clip.  Listen for the "Growling" sound.

 OSPH 3rd Fl
"You Threaten Us"

 OSPH 3rd Floor
Humming or a voice saying "OK"

 OSPH 3rd Fl

 OSPH 3rd Fl
"Get Away From Me.....Hey"


Wow!!! is all I have to say about this location.  From the time we entered until the time we left,
there was this weird feeling of being trapped.  Under the old management, you were locked in the
facility and only allowed out a couple times a day.  The feeling off being watched and listened to
was very obvious, and it wasn't by the spirits alone.  The previous caretakers basically tracked your
every move. While shooting a scene for our series "The Twisted Realm", they were listening in from
there room which was nowhere near us.  They thought they heard us say something that we didn't and
took me outside to discuss it.  That's when I realized they had every location with in the hospital more or less bugged.  That didn't set well with us.  They questioned why we investigated the way we do like it
was wrong or something.  We paid a good price to rent this location for a full weekend and didn't need
to have our every move watched.  I began to wonder if they were watching more than they needed to
like the rooms or bathrooms being used by the guests.  I can only hope that didn't happen.

As for the paranormal activity within the hospital, I can say that it was very active.  Many things
happened that left you wondering, did that really happen.  The 3rd floor alone, has a draw about it
that all I can say is, be ready!!!!  We feel that there truly is a dark presence that lurks on that floor that
you will see in our episode getting ready to be made available.  After one of our investigators was
physically attacked and had to be taken down from that floor, many strange things began to
happen amongst our team members that prompted us to call off the remainder of our investigation. 
This has never happened before in all of the investigations that we have performed.  Two of our
investigators actually had to be let our of the hospital at 2:30 am the following morning because they
were too afraid to stay any longer.  Just part of the weirdness of the hospital.

Two weeks after we were there is when the old caretakers up and left the facility, with a large sum
of the owners money.  To this day, I haven't heard if they had been caught or not. 

Today, the hospital is under new management.  From what I have heard, things have taken a complete
180 degree turn for the better.  Please don't let my conclusion sway you from going to this location.
All I can say is please protect yourself while investigating.  Do not go to provoke in this location.
There is a presence there that will seek you out and let you know that it still runs the facility.  The
hospital is listed on our books as very "HAUNTED". 

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