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Mrs Rowe's Restaurant

Investigation #9
Mrs Rowe's Family Restaurant
Staunton, Va

Date of Investigation:  June 23, 2012

Time of Investigation:  8pm to 2am

Investigators:  Lyle & Tonna Lotts, Tom Shepherd, Beth Hall, Don Molnar

Weather Conditions:  Temperature was 79 degrees with 41% humidity.  Winds were calm with clear skies.  The moon was a Waning Cresent with 16% visibility.

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this investigation.

*Mrs Rowe's Family Restaurant*

History of the location

The original Mrs. Rowe's Restaurant and Bakery is located on Route 250 East of
Staunton, at the junction of 64 and 81, has become a landmark for travelers. Locals
are regulars too and proud of the restaurant's growing fame. Her start in the business
came in the late 1940's at “The Far Fame”, a restaurant which featured recipes her
mother created and prepared. When she married Willard Rowe in 1953, she brought her recipes with her to Staunton . Prior to 1947 he had run Perk's Barbeque, a roadhouse seating about 40 people and specializing in barbeque and steaks. Together 
 he and Mrs Rowe renamed the business Rowe's Steakhouse, and, for the next twenty
 years, oversaw two expansions which increased the capacity to 225.  When Mr Rowe 
died in 1973, Mrs. Rowe continued to run the restaurant with the assistance of her four children.

  Team Objective
Team Twisted was honored to be able to come into such a well known establishment to try and identify if the cause of such activity being reported was paranormal or just stories being passed around the staff.  Through the information provided us by a worker that has been in the restaurant for more than 20 years(see the video below), we felt that the activity deserved a full investigation. 

Equipment Used

4 Camera DVR System, Digital Voice Recorders, K2, MEL Meter, REM Pod,
Lazer Grid, RT EVP, Deep IR Video, Full Spectrum Video, Deep IR Camera,
Canon 35 Mil Camera, Glow Sticks.







           When listening to the following audio clips, we recommend that you use headphones.

 Very heavy, like,  when you get that feeling sometimes it means there is something "Amazing".  Don and I both got like a heavy, uncomfortable feeling in there. "Do keep out"  These were captured by TPS Investigator Tonna Lotts in the basement area of Rowe's.

 Can you tell us your name?   "Don't ask"  This was captured by Tonna Lotts in the Attic area of Rowe's.  The question is being asked TPS Investigator Don Molnar.
 If your here, can you make a noise? Can you knock on something?  Don then knocks 2 times.  If you listen closely after he knocks, you get 2 distinct knocks back.  Then you hear "Your the bad cook", then some laughing!!!  This was captured by TPS Investigator Tonna Lotts in the Attic area of Rowe's.  The question is being asked by TPS Investigator Don Molnar.
 Going into the apartment area, still upstairs.........."Hurry" This over here is where they........hello.  This was captured in the apartment area on the second floor of Rowe's by TPS Investigator Tonna Lotts. She heard the audible voice and tried to respond back to it.
 Well, we will have the background noise but at least its steady. Yeah.  "See ya....at breakfast"  "Who are these guys?"  This was captured by TPS Investigator Tom Shepherd as he was talking with TPS investigator Beth Hall in the basement area of Rowe's. 
 Talk about a creepy huh... Creepy doorways?  Doorway,......."Help me"  This was captured by TPS Investigators Tom Shepherd and Beth Hall as they were in the basement area of Rowe"s.
 Is there a Mr Digrasse up here?....."Do it to yourself"........"Yeah"  You know whats tough Tonna is knowing if you really hear something our you don't? I know. Because I always think, ah it was just that, cause I could have swore that when I said Mr Digrasse that something said, no.  It might have. But I couldn't.....This was captured by TPS Investigators Tonna Lotts and Don Molnar in the apartment area of Rowe's.
 "Put the window up"  This audio clip was captured in the basement of Rowe's near the breakroom area which use to be Mr Rowe's apartment.
 I'm sure you don't like them turning your apartment into a smoke room? ............."Reeks" This was captured in the basement area of Rowe's by TPS investigator Tonna Lotts.
 Its on.  Well, I put it up too high. Oh. Its probably gonna do it......."Get slapt"  This was captured in the basement area of Rowe's by TPS Investigators Lyle & Tonna Lotts. 
 If there is someone here with us that was here before this was a restaurant, can you tell us who you are?....."Its a man"  This was captured in the basement area of Rowe's by TPS Investigator Tonna Lotts.

Investigation Conclusion

"Paranormal Activity"

When I was told that there was a possibility that this well known location may be dealing with possible activity, we immediately approached the owner to see what type of activity they were experiencing.  Although not experiencing anything himself, he did share with us some stories that the employees have been mentioning amongst themselves.  Many are afraid to go into the basement area, have heard their names called, been touched, and even seen the small apparition of a young boy.  This of course drew our interest even more and we asked if he would like to get some answers to if anything is possibly happening.  He gave us the approval, and it was on from that point.

We came in and spent a good 6 hours investigating the facility thoroughly.  We covered the facilty with cameras and digital recorders. Even one of the news photographers even captured some light anomolies while interviewing members of the team.  With some past experience in the paranormal field, his curiosity really peaked.  The team really came away with some great evidence.  Especially the possibly apparition caught in the kitchen hallway.  Many great EVPs were captured. Only the best were posted though there were many more.  

As a team, we feel that we uncovered the possibilty that the employees experiences were correct.  Many times the Team identified audible response to questions that were asked.  Its the first location where that has occured. You feel that uneasiness in the basement area where one of our members was touched on the back, and you just have that feeling of being watched in the attic.

The Rowe's Family Restaurant is a fabulous place to enjoy a good home cooked breakfast, lunch or dinner.  They also specialize in pastries and pies baked fresh daily.  It was very hard to see these while investigating and not want to just pig out.

Is the spirit of Mrs Rowe still controlling the activities of her restaurant?  We feel that she is still very active in the day to day operations.     


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