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Hill View Manor

Investigation #3

Hill View Manor

New Castle, Pa.


Date of Investigation:  October 22, 2011

Time of Investigation:  9:00 pm to 2:00 am

Investigators:  Lyle & Tonna Lotts, members of the T.A.P.S. team and lots of Ghost Hunter fans!!! 

Weather Conditions: Air temp was 42 degrees, no winds and slightly overcast sky with a morning crescent moon with 22% visibility. 

History of the Location
Since the opening of the doors in 1927, Hill View Manor has served as a residence for the chronically and mentally ill, the elderly, and the helpless.  To this day it is still called home to the many spirits that reside there.  It is well known for its many shadow figures, full body apparitions, and of course little Jeffrey who still roams the halls.

Team Objective
Only a couple of us made the long ride to New Castle, Pa for this Ideal Management Event.  We arrived and were immediately in awe of just the view of this well known location.  We were not alone as the other 100+ people felt the same way.  We couldn't wait to investigate with members of the TAPS organization.  Our goal was to capture possible shadow figures and capture EVPs of the possible residence that still reside there.

Equipment Used
Digital voice recorders, K2, MEL Meter, HD Full Spectrum Video Recorder, Laser Grid,  Vortex Full Spectrum and IR lights.

We put our pictures from Hill View Manor into a video compilation.

Its best to use headphones when listening to the videos.




 Were you one of the many patients that died here? One of the 10,000 patients that died?......"Let them be"...."Two full bodies"...If you are here, what is your name?...."You asked you need to be told".."She just told you"..."You know that....Girl".  This EVP was captured in Room 103 by Lyle & Tonna Lotts.
 Cleaned up version.
 If you are here and you can make it blink once..."I did"...let us know your here....."a groan sound"..."Stop it".  This EVP was captured in Room 141 by Lyle & Tonna Lotts.
 Cleaned up version
 You have a very nice room here....."Thanks".....We would like to communicate with you before we move on......"Its tough to go away"    You will then here a SCREAM.   This EVP was captured in Room 305 by Lyle & Tonna Lotts.
 Cleaned up version
 If you are can you go up and light up the lights for me?..."What Light"......"I did"....."unaudible response"..."Where is he?"  This EVP was captured on the 3rd floor next to "Jimmy Snaps " room by Lyle & Tonna Lotts.
 Cleaned up version

Investigation Conclusion

What more can be said about this great location but that it is truely
haunted. We got to witness our first shadow figures, had great
k2 sessions, heard audible voices, and most of all got to have a little
fun with the members of TAPS. 

Team "Twisted" will be investigating this great location on May 12,
2012.  We hope to have a lot more great evidence to post.  This will be a private investigation, so we will be pulling out all of the equipment to
get the best results possible. Until then, sleep well spirits of


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