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Fort Mifflin




The building of the fort started in 1772. In 1775, General Thomas Mifflin was charged with finishing the fort and it ended up being named in his honor. In 1777, the battle of Fort Mifflin took place between November 10-15. The continuos seige by the British forced the Continental soldiers to evacuate the fort and set it on fire. Reconstruction of the fort began in 1778 to provide protection for Philadelphia after the British moved north. It has served many purposes over the years and was finally turned over to the City of Philadelphia to became an historic military fortification in 1962.

Team Objective
Members of Twisted Paranormal Society teamed up with Black Raven Paranormal to research the claims of unexplained activity that happens at the fort. Reports of doors opening and closing on their own, shadow figures, voices and sounds of children playing are just a few of the claims that brought us the this beautiful, historic site.

Data Collected
With this being our first large investigation and all the reports of paranormal activity captured at the site, we didn't know what to expect. Each location was a challenge. With the airport close by, you had to pay close attention to everything. Questions had to be timed out so as to not interfere with possible voice responses being captured. Most of the evidence collected came in the form of EVPs. No video evidence was captured.


                                     *IT IS BEST TO USE HEADPHONES WHILE LISTENING TO EVPs*
  If you are in here right now my name is Lyle. Can you talk to me right now? "___________" Unable to detect what is being said. It is a high pitch sound like a child crying.

 We would really love for you to go over "POSSIBLE RESIDUAL MUSKET SHOT" to the light. That was a sound outside, sounded like a canon shot going off. Maybe we picked that up on the recorder.
 We are starting an EVP session, so if there's anyone in here with us that can tell us some stories, we would love to hear them. " sound " Just "moan" Its an orange light.


 What is your name?........Can you tell me your name?..............."McIntyre".....McIntyre. At this time you can hear Tonna mention that she could see my breath. The air temp was 65 degrees!!!! I then ask, Are you in here around me right now?................."Probably" 
 This was by far one of the best captures of a response during our session!!!! The following is the communication...........We tried to communicate with you guys in here. Its time for us to go................."What hurt me?"..........."A pistol". Clearly this was two soldiers communicating with each other.

Investigation Conclusion:
Paranormally Active!!!

We came into Fort Mifflin not knowing what to expect to find. You have seen this place on both Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures and they had loads of activity. All I can say is that you need to have patience when investigating here. The elements can make things a little difficult with airplanes and mosquitos. 

We did have a few personal experiences such as being touched on the head, a door slamming, and a possible residual musket shot. The EVP evidence that was captured totally blew us away. This is a beautiful location and I highly recommend it any paranormal teams looking for a challenge.

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