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Types of Hauntings or Spirits

A Residual Haunting is an activity that can occur when something traumatic/stressful occurs,
such as a murder or a rape.  Like a recording tape, it will play the events over and over again. The spirits involved in a residual haunting are unaware of their surroundings.  There is usually 
no interaction between you and the spirit.

An Intelligent Haunting is when a spirit is able to interact with us, is aware of us, can touch us, can
communicate with us.  Their responses are direct answers to questions being asked.  They will do things
to make you aware of their presence.

Other varieties of hauntings are in the forms of Shadow People, Poltergeist, and Demon Activity.

EVP "Electronic Voice Phenomena"

EVPs can come in a variety of classes. 

Class A is crisp, loud and clear response usually to a question being asked. The voice is understandable and doesn't need any amplified or enhanced. 

Class B is a more common form of EVP that is captured.They are usually lower in quality and ned to be enhanced
to hear.  The voice quality may not be understandable. Theyare usually not in direct response to questions.

Class C is the lowest form captured.  The voice is not understandable and enhancement usually doesn't help. 

Other Forms of Evidence

During an investigation, two other ways of capturing evidence are in the forms of 
photgraphs and videos.  You just never know what may show up!!!  

Below is a collection of equipment used by 
Team "Twisted Paranormal Society"

The following are pics of our newest equipment.

  2-420 TVL Wide Spectrum Camera                           REM-Pod                                MII Flashlight/IR Video Camera

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