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Location:  Private Residence, Greenville, Va

Date:  04/21/2012

Investigators:  Lyle & Tonna Lotts, Dickie & Patty Rexrode, Tom & Mandy Shepherd,
Jessica Grant and Don Molnar

Weather Conditions:  The temp was 58.6 degrees with 81% humidity.  The winds
were out of the north at 3.5 mph with overcast skies.  The moon was a waxing
crescent with 0% illumination.


Claims from the owner were that in January 2012, she had noticed that while in
her room one evening, black mist started to come through her wall.  From that 
point, she has been antagonized by things from under her bed while she is trying 
to sleep.  They also follow her around throughout the house.  The activity seems
to pick up in the later hours of the evening and continues most of the night. 
Activity can also be heard on the upper floors of the home which are unoccupied.

Team Objective

We were contacted bu members of the owners family asking for help to see if
what the owner was claiming had relevance.  We paid a visit to the residence to get
a feel for ourselves what we were dealing with.  That visit proved to us that the
claims could possibly be real.  The overall feeling of the home was uneasy from the time 
we entered.  Baseline readings were high, and at one point on the second floor we even
experienced something run past us as we opened a closet door.  The main focus 
would be in the owners room where most of the claims seem to happen.



Photo evidence was light, but the 2 IR attic shots above show 2 pics taken
one right after another with the possible catch of a shadow in the left
corner of the second pic.  We were observing shadow play at the time and
these pics helped to confirm the possibility.


The following videos were shot in the Attic area of the residence.





The following videos were captured in the master bedroom and living room of the residence. 


In the second video, you will notice a growling sound before and after the flashlight falls off the back of the bed.  The DVR video of the flashlight falling is included in the next set of videos below.


DVR Videos

The following are videos captured by our DVR system.  We had 4 cameras
placed throughout the residence for better coverage of this large home.



The following EVPs were captured on our first visit to the residence.

 Lets see here, lets just stay still for a minute.  I have a 5 was a 7-8.... "Whoa, Whoa"...Which is a really high reading. That was really high. The following EVP was captured by T.P.S. investigator Tonna Lotts and contains audio from Team Members Lyle Lotts and Patty Rexrode on the 2nd floor of the residence.
 Hold on Dickie, I'm going to take some pictures real quick back in this corner... "Yelling sound"...Did you hear that? I heard that.  Someone just said something.  The following EVP was captured by T.P.S. investigator Tonna Lotts and contains audio from Lyle Lotts and Tonna Lotts in the attic area of the home.
 Nice lady.  She is a very old lady, she just needs to be kept safe ok?..."You must be crazy"....So we are going to come back. Wish you would move out of there one more time, let me see that movement.  This was captured be T.P.S. investigator Lyle Lotts.
 Man I'm shivering. When we first, when we first came up somebody said something back in that corner..."muffled sound"...I heard it and you said something like ssshhh. Yeah. I heard it.  This was captured by T.P.S. investigator Lyle Lotts.
 Go ahead Patty and tell them what to do. You know what, I have a flashlight over here..."Help Us"...I think you are in here.  This was captured by T.P.S. member Tonna Lotts.
 You will have to fix that, I wrote down living room. Ok...."Get Out"  This was captured by T.P.S. Investigator Tonna Lotts in the Master Bedroom.
 Well even if we get some in.."2 steps on the floor were heard"...I just heard a step on the floor while we were standing here. Did you hear something? Yea I did.  This was captured by T.P.S. Investigator Lyle Lotts in the Master Bedroom.
 Are you her husband? If you are, light up the light..."I think so". This was captured by T.P.S. Investigators Dickie & Patty Rexrode in the Master Bedroom.
 Is there someone behind me?..."What, Me?"...Did someone just make that noise?..."Inaudible voice or growl"...This was captured by T.P.S. investigators Tonna Lotts and Patty Rexrode in the living room.
 Its staying at a 1............"Hello"...This was captured by T.P.S. Investigator Tonna Lotts in the living room.
 This EVP was captured in the living room and is the same as what was captured in the video above.

Investigation Conclusion

This is still a working investigation.  This home has been a big challenge for Team Twisted since the start.  We have been to the home a total of 5 times. 3 of those times to perform a cleansing in certain areas of the home.  Whatever spirit or spirits reside there, do not want to leave.  They will disappear for a week or so then show back up.  We will be working closely next with Rev Mike McGowan from Northern Va in the coming weeks.  
I will be posting more info on this investigation in the coming weeks with a hopeful solution to the activity occuring there.

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