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Location:  Private home in Fishersville, Va

Date:  04/03/2012 (Initial Visit)
Date:  04/10/2012 (Investigation)

Investigators:  Lyle & Tonna Lotts, Dickie & Patty Rexrode

Weather Conditions for night of the investigation:  Outside temp was 56.5 degrees with 46% humidity.  The winds were calm and the skies were clear.  The moon was a Waxing Gibbous with 78% illumination.


We received a phone call from the client after they had realized that they were not able to explain what was actually going on in the house.  Most of the activity was happening in the lower level, which is where one of the daughters stays.  Knocking on the walls, computer and radio be turned on, hearing someone walking on the upper floor when noone was home and the feeling of being watched.  

Team Objective

As always, we went in with the intent to prove alot of the claims as being non paranormal.  We were trying to find reasons for certain claims, but it was very hard to disprove.

Equipment Used

4 Camera DVR System, Full Spectrum Video Camera, 35 mm Camera, IR camera, K2, MEL Meter, REM Pod, Spirit Box and Digital Voice Recorders.


No photo evidence was captured.

The following video was captured in the lower level of the home as we were conducting
a spirit box session.  I get up and go into the other room and Team Investigator
Tonna Lotts moves over to the sofa and asks the question, "Why are you here?". 
After that you here a quick EVP then the picture comes off the wall and down
onto the investigator.  We brought the owner down immediately after that to 
ask if the picture has ever came down off the wall.  She confirmed her kids use the
sofa all the time and that this was was the first time.  We put the picture back into
place and tried to make it fall again by sitting hard on the couch, banging on the wall,
and nothing made it come down again.

Watch for yourself. 


*Please use headphones when listening to EVPs*

 Light it up for me...."You beware"  This was captured by Team Investigator Lyle Lotts.
Mom, are you going to show us more lights if I say Mom?...."Take you time"....Give me something please Mom.  This EVP contains audio from the owner of the house as we were conducting a session in the lower level of the home.
 And I had to belive that at that moment, that maybe there was Grandma or Daddy, somehow their presence was in the room with you...."Good thing"...."_____, I'm Here".  This session is the owner still asking questions in the lower level of the home.
 "Move the bed"........."Move the bed now"  This was captured as we asked questions as to why the spirit is still here.  We believe that the spirit may still be tied to some property brought into the home from the past residence. 
 If you are here, make some lights go off for me.  Would you mind if we threw the pillow away..."Do it".."Do it now"....Should we throw the pillow away?..."Of course"...Are you attached to the pillow?   The pillow is another piece of belongings that was brought into the home that we feel the spirit is attatched to.  The meters were going crazy when you got around the pillow.  The audio is of members of the family that participated in the session.
 You know me, I am use to, I'm use to upheavel..."Yes"   This is more of the session with the family.
 This recording is of Team Member Lyle Lotts setting the recorder up in the spare bedroom.  Once he leaves the room, see what you can hear.  I am picking up 3 possible responses.  What is strange is that someone says "Where is Lyle".  I was the only one in that area.  The last muffled voice seems to be saying "Who are they?"

Investigation Conclusion

After our initial visit to the location, it was confirmed that a full investigation was needed.  The focus of the activity was on the lower level of the home where one of the family stayed.  We conducted many K2 sweeps and even placed it on the bed in the family members room.  A pillow from a now deceased member of the family was still on the bed.  It seemed to have a lot of activity focused around it.  As you can tell from the EVPs above, we had members of the family with us that wanted answers to who was causing the activity in their home.Video of the K2 sessions show members of the family so we
did not displaythose for viewing.  Also, many great EVPs were captured out of the
 home and we only shared the best for you to listen to.

For Team Twisted, this was another great test for us in our private home investigations. We feel that there is definitely activity taking place on the lower level of the home. 
We feel that it is tied to many belongings that the ownerhas held onto since the
passing of the family member.  This activity not only takes place in this home,but
it goes to the 2 residences that are on each side of our main location.  We mentioned
to them that they may want to remove those items from the home to see if the
activity stops. 

The family member that resides in the lower level of the home at last check,
no longer stays down there.

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